AT: Tenergy NiMH 10.8V 1600mAh Stick Rechargeable Battery Pack (9S1P, 17.3Wh, 16A Rate, Mini Tamiya)

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Sale Price: $49.99
Mininum Order Quantity: 2 Pieces
Item Number: 11516
Build Lead Time: 3-7 Business Days

Product Summary:

Technical Data

  • Type: Pack
  • Chemistry: Ni-MH
  • Cell Size: 2/3A
  • Nominal Voltage (V): 10.8
  • Capacity (mAh): 1600
  • Max Continuous Discharge Current: 16A
  • Battery Charging Current:
    • Standard: 0.2A
    • Rapid: 0.8A
  • Weight: 226g, 8oz
  • Dimensions: 260 x 18mm (LxD)
  • Connector: Mini Tamiya Connector
  • Recommended Storage Temps*
    • Less Than 30 Days: -20 to 50°C
    • Less Than 90 Days: -20 to 40°C
    • Less Than 1 Year: -20 to 30°C
    • Humidity: 45-85%


*Disclaimer: NiMH/NiCd battery voltage can drop significantly during storage due to self-discharge. We strongly recommend checking the voltage of your stored batteries, or cycle them, at least once every 6 months

Supported Chargers:

Item Number Model/Description Compatible Packs Charging Current
01025 Tenergy Smart NiMH Pack Charger for 6V-12V 6V-12V (5-10S) 1A or 2A
01005 Tenergy Smart NiMH Pack Charger for 7.2V-12V 7.2V-12V (6-10S) 0.9A or 1.8A
90263 Tenergy TB6B Multifunction Balance Charger + Power Supply 1.2V - 18V (1-15S) 0.1A to 5A

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