Protection Circuit Module [PCB] for 22.2v (6S) Li-ion Battery Pack (Working 6A, Cutoff 7A)

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Product Descriptions:

Li-Ion and Li-polymer battery packs must have a protection circuit model to keep Li-Ion/Polymer Battery from over charge, over discharge,
and to prevent accidental battery explosion due to its extra high energy density. This protection circuit is specially designed for
22.2V Li-Ion battery packs made of Li-Ion and Li-Polymer cells.


  • Keeps 22.2V Li-Ion Batery pack from overcharge and overdischarge.
  • Limit the Max Current to 8.0 A.
  • Designed for 6 Cells Li-ion /Li-polymer Battery Packs.
  • Battery Protection for 6 pcs battery cells in series.
  • With charging balancing function for cells ; balancing current is adjustable.


Item Content Criteria
Over Charge Protection Over Charge Detection Voltage 4.28±0.03V
Over Charge Release Voltage 4.08±0.05V
Over Charge Detection Delay Time 1.2±0.2S
Over Discharge Protection Over Discharge Detection Voltage 3.0±0.05V
Over Discharge Detection Delay Time 144±29ms
Over Discharge Release Voltage 3.0V±0.10V
Rated Operational Current ≤6A
Over Current Detection current 7A
Detection Delay Time 9±2ms
Short Circuit Protection Detection Condition

Exterior short circuit

Release Condition

Cut short circuit

Balancing Balanced Detection Voltage 4.2±0.035V
Balancing Current 50±5mA
Interior Resistance Main Loop Electrify Resistance RDS≤65mΩ
Current Consumption Current Consumed in normal Operation 70.0μA Max
PCB Dimension 55 * 40 * 1.6 mm

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PCB Connection Instructions:

B-:Connected to the battery's negative( the first battery negative) terminal
B0:Connected to the first battery's negative terminal
B1:Connected to the first battery's positive terminal
B2:Connected to the second battery's positive terminal
B3:Connected to the third battery's positive terminal
B4:Connected to the fourth battery's positive terminal
B5:Connected to the fifth battery's positive terminal
B6:Connected to the sixth battery's positive terminal
C- or P-:Connected to a black wire as the battery's negative output
Connect a red wire to the sixth battery's positive as the battery's positive output

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