SLA Batteries

Despite their older technology, size, and weight, a sealed lead acid battery is still one of the best battery options for your security system, emergency lights, alarms and more. The long life span and maintenance free engineering of an SLA battery makes it perfect for applications where performance is crucial. Available in a variety of voltages and amperages, a lead acid battery from All-Battery is a wise decision for anyone, especially if you are working with sensitive equipment.

Easy to use and easily replaceable, an SLA battery makes perfect sense where other batteries just won’t work. Each sealed lead acid battery is valve regulated, which means that the acid electrolyte is fixed in absorptive fiberglass. A lead acid battery is also environmentally friendly and comes secure in a durable plastic shell.

As an emergency backup or source for power away from an outlet, a lead acid battery is the best way to get power to sensitive equipment when you need it the most. Shop All-Battery today to find the best SLA battery for your specific application.

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