Tenergy 16.8V 5A 4-Cell LIPO Charger

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Product Description

Advanced charging method of constant current and constant voltage with CPU control and pulse width modulation (PWM) technology, charging current and output voltage is controlled accurately to ensure fully-charged and avoid over-charging.

User Instructions:

  • Check the output plug of this charger for signs of loose.
  • Before charging, please connect the charger's alligator clips to battery first, the "Red" clip connects to the POSITIVE pole, the "Black" connects to the NEGATIVE pole. Then connect the input power plug to the indoor power supply.
  • The charger applies the intelligent charging method of constant current and constant voltage; the charger will automatically shot off when battery is fully charged. Unplug the input power supply then disconnect the output clips.
  • When charger is not in use or is done charging, be sure to unplug input power supply.
  • Indicator LED instruction:
    • "Charging indicator shows "Red" under normal charging state, it turns into "Green" when the battery is fully charged. The battery can be put into use at this time.
    • The charging voltage of this charger is 16.8V, and shut-off current is 1.0A. It can only be operated when connect with non-fully charged battery.


  • Battery Charger
  • Power Cable
  • Manual


Model TN-1210JL
Input Volage AC100-240V
Constant Voltage 16.8V±0.2V
Constant Current 10A±1A
Shut-off Current 1A±10%
Net Weight 1.0 Kg


  • Be careful of the high-voltage inside of charger.
  • Do not expose the charger to humidity.
  • Do not expose the charger to heated area or to direct sunshine.
  • Please use in place with good ventilation and free of dust.
  • Do not block access to air (their have to be at least 10cm air space).
  • Avoid children's touching the charger.
  • The charger and the battery should be kept indoor with good ventilation and good cooling system (do not expose to hummid, high temperature, flammable, explosive gas environments, etc.).
  • Do not bring the charger along during transportation to prevent shock damage!
  • Read the instructions carefully before using; damage caused by improper use is not covered by warrant.


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