Tenergy 5-in-1 Intelligent Cell Meter (Capacity Checker, Battery Balancer, Battery Discharger, Internal Resistance Tester, ESC/Servo PPM Tester)

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Tenergy 5-in-1 Cell Meter has 5 main functions: capacity checker, battery balancer, battery discharger, battery internal resistance tester, and ESC/Servo PPM tester.
The capacity checker quickly tells you if the battery requires a charge, or if the pack is out of balance. Using the discharge function prior to charging your battery can maximize its runtime. Battery balancer is a great tool for battery maintenance, as keeping the cell voltages balanced within a pack can optimize its performance and prolong the life of your battery. The internal resistance tester lets you know when your battery is about to go bad, and should be discarded or replaced. Last but not least, the ESC/servo testing function can supply a reliable PPM signal to test and adjust your servo motors.PPM.

Main Product Feature

  • Battery Capacity Checker
    Tenergy 5-in-1 Cell Meter can display the estimated capacity and voltage for LiPo / LiFePO4 / Li-ion / NiCd / NiMH battery packs. Use this function to quickly check if your battery requires charging before use. For LiPo/LiFePO4/Li-ion packs, it can also display the voltage of each cell, so you know when they need to be balanced.
  • Battery Balancer:
    Optimize your batterys performance, and extend the overall lifespan, by ensuring the individual cells are balanced.
  • Battery Discharger:
    Discharging your battery prior to changing can improve the runtime of your battery. Tenergy 5-in-1 Cell Meter can discharge lithium-based battery packs to an adjustable threshold, at the discharge rate of 180mA.

    *Note: To avoid over-heating, only discharge for up to 6 mins at a time, then pause to let the unit cool off before starting again. Do not leave your unit discharging unattended.
  • Battery Internal Resistance Tester:
    For lithium-based battery packs, this cell meter can display the internal resistance of each individual cell, so you can evaluate the health of your battery pack and decide when to discard or replace it.
  • ESC/SERVO PPM Tester:
    Supply a reliable PPM signal to test and adjust your servo motors.

  • *Note: A Y-harness and 4.8V-6V NiMH battery (sold seperately) is needed to support ESC/Servo function.
    Click here to purchase Y-harness

Technical Specifications

Package includes

  • 1 x 01444 Tenergy 5-in-1 Cell Meter for LiPo / LiFePO4 / Li-ion / NiCd / NiMH Battery Packs
  • 1 x User manual (Download it here)


Tenergy 5-in1 Cell Meter uses the test battery as a power source (does not require outlet adapter).
Li-ion/LiPo/LiFePO4 hobby battery packs NEED a balance connector in order to be tested.
NiMH/NiCd battery packs NEED a Hitech/Futaba connector, or an adapter, in order to be tested.
Li-ion/LiPo/LiFePO4 battery packs without a balance connecter CAN NOT be tested.

Warning: To avoid overheating, the discharge function can only be used for less than 6 minutes each time. After that, let the unit cool down to room temperature before discharging again.
DO NOT leave your battery discharging with this device unattended.

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