Thermostat ST-22

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Sale Price: $1.99
Item Number: 80182

Product Summary:


  • Snap Action
  • Automatic Reset Bimetal
  • Moisture/ Dust-Proof
  • Superior Heat Response




Overheat protection for Electric Motors, Battery Chargers, Transformers, Power Supplies,Heating Pads, Fluorescent Ballasts, OAMachines, Solenoids, LED Lighting, etc.


Technical Specifications

  • TEMPERATURE SETTING RANGE (at no load): 50℃ to 150℃ in increments of 5℃
  • TOLERANCE: Indicated temp. ±5℃
  • ON-OFF DIFFERENTIAL TEMP (general): 30 ±15K
  • HEAT ENDURANCE: Open temp. +50℃/continuity, 200℃/1min
  • CYCLE LIFE(Resistive Load): 10A/125V AC 10,000 cycles, 7A/250V AC 10,000cycles 3A/48VDC 6,000 cycles, 2.2A/48VDC 10,000cycles
  • CONTACT CAPACITY: Min. Current 50mA/ repeatedly, Max. Current 30A/5 cycles
  • CONTACT SYSTEM: Normally closed






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