Button / Coin Cells

Tenergy Corporation offers a full line of button cells or coin cells: Lithium, Alkaline, Silver Oxide, Zinc Air for wide sprecturm of applications. Tenergy's Coin Cells are high quality, high engergy densisty, flat and stable discharging curve, long shelf life and superior leak resistance. The table below summarizes and compares the button cells for your reference:


 Voltage (V)

 Features  Applications  Major Models


- 3.0V High Energy Density, High V
- Superior high rate discharge capability, optimal for memory and back-up display.
- Superior long-term reliability and stability, ideal standby power source.
For watches, key-less, small electronics, memory and clock, medical devices.
For applications which need high drain pulse periodically like alarm, clock with back light
CR927, CR1025, CR1216, CR1220, CR1616, CR1620, CR2016, CR2025, CR2032, CR2450


- High operating voltage, high capacity
- Superior low temperature characteristics
- Low cost and long shelf life
- Excellent heavy load characteristics
For calculators, thermometers, electronics toys, small radios, cameras and other low drain equipment, medical devices AG3, AG8, AG10, AG12, AG13 / LR41, LR44, LR54, LR55, LR1120, LR1130
 Silver Oxide


- 1.55V relative higher voltage
- Flatter discharge curve than Alkaline
- Good low temperature performance
- Long Shelf
For analog and digital watches, medical instruments, calculators, toys, electronics SR521SW, SR621SW, SR626SW, SR1130SW, SR44SW 
303, 357, 363, 364, 376, 377,  379, 389, 390
 Zinc Air


- High capacities (80 to 650mAh);
- Stable and flat discharging
For hearing aids ZA10, ZA312, ZA13, ZA675, PR536, PR41, PR48, PR44
Lithium Button Cell Batteries, 3.0V
For watches, keyless, small electronics, memory and clock, medical devices: CR1025, CR1220, CR2016, CR2025, CR2032, CR2430
Alkaline Button Cell Batteries, 1.5V
For Calculators, Watches, Lasers, Mini Flashlights, Toys; Models: AG8/LR55, AG13/LR44