CR123A Lithium Batteries

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CR123 Lithium 3V Cells are indispensible batteries that are powerful enough to keep up with the power/high drain requirements of today's electronic devices & applications: photo flashes, flashlight, tactical, alarm systems, & more. Lithium batteries offer exceptionally high discharge capabilities with minimal weight & size, and superior performance in extreme temperatures.


CR123A are
also known as and also compatible with batteries stated as:
CR123, DL123A, CR123A, K123A, EL123A, VL123, SF123A, CR17345, 23-155, PL123A, 123A, lithium ‘photo’ batteries. All are widely used in photo & lighting equipment, cameras, medical, tactical flashlights, security & alarm, night vision, lasers, & much more.

Recommended Value: Tenergy brand has the best price/performance available and is a proven brand for CR123 3V batteries. Commonly used in many applications & industries including: Home, Medical, Tactical, & Military.

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