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"Thank you very much. I'm impressed with your fast response. Even if this was a weekday that would have been fast, but it's simply amazing on a Saturday afternoon! I have placed my order. Thanks again." J. D. from Clarkston, Washington.

"That would be great! I already told my brother about your site. I will now tell everyone. I was shocked to get such a fast and satisfying response. Thanks!", G. K., Denver, Colorado.

"Just a quick note to let you know I received my batteries today. That was the fastest shipping I've ever received! Thank you so much! Great product and a great price. I'll definitely buy all of my batteries through you from now on! I'm extremely pleased with my transaction from start to finish and want to leave you a positive feedback (as deserved!). Thanks again. Sincerely, J. M. Umhoefer from Naples, FL"

"Excellent product-1/3 retail cost including shipping! Fastest shipping ever! J. Forrester Jr. from Inverness, FL"

"Great Batteries!!!!!! These Guys have the deals and QUALITY PRODUCTS! Fast Ship! S. Augustyn, from Riverton, NJ"

"Just wanted to thank you for including the instructions for this iRobot Cleaner battery on your website. I had purchased the battery a couple of weeks ago, and last night took it to my brother's to have him solder the wires (he's the electronics wiz, not me!). Well, when I was trying to get the old batteries out of the case, all of the metal contacts popped out as well. A quick look at your website saved us a big headache! The battery is working wonderfully, thank you so much! I've got two friends with the Roomba sweepers, and I have already given them your store link for when they need batteries! ". E.S., from Minneapolis, MN

<"Prices/Service/and every dam thing...; INCREDIBLE in BOTH aspects!!!!! That is all........; Thanks for knocking the hell out of overpriced/slow shipping Battery companies!!!! I am here for the duration and will tell EVERYONE that needs any type of batteries to come to you." W. W. from Louisville, Kentucky.

"I just waned to drop a note to all-battery to say how pleased I am with the lightning quick service that you provide. I placed my order yesterday afternoon, and I received my package today. I have never gotten such fast service from an online store before. Also, the prices for the batteries were the best anywhere. I did some comparative shopping on the web and comparable AA/AAA batteries were $2.59 each whereas I received 12 AA and 12 AAA for about $20. These same batteries would have cost over $60 at other retail/web stores. Thanks for the great service and prices." F. L. San Francisco

"WOW, Great Service, Thank you. I know that using the recharger has got to be easier than the camera. lol  I used up the first set of batteries just trying to figure out how to take one picture let alone a video. : )... Let me know where I can leave a feedback for you." from L. H. VA.

"Well earned sale. Great service and good shipping. Definitely will shop with you for my batteries." J. M. from FL.

"Your customer service is truly great. They helped me a lot with several quick email exchange. I felt as if I have a personal sales assistant by my side during shopping. They recommended me about the product and better saving options. Thanks!" N. B. from MD.

" offered me the best service and value in my rechargeable battery needs. Your price is more than 60% less than most other place, online or offline. The batteries I received are of really high quality. Now my digital camera can now take three times more picture per recharge than it could with Alkaline primary batteries. Big saving of batteries consumption and cost for me!".  from F.Z. in Minnesota.

"I like the charger and batteries comb I bought from your site. I really like them. I use many high drain electronics. I know Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are good at handling these electronics. Your company will be my source for Ni-MH batteries." from F. K. from PA.

"Although I have not bought a single battery from you yet, I benefited a lot from reading your FAQs about rechargeable batteries and chargers. I never used rechargeable batteries before and I have plenty of inertia in my habit of using Alkaline throwaway batteries. Now I realized how much I can save while getting more performance from my electronics. I will definitely buy a charger and some rechargeable batteries from you." from S. S. in Chicago, IL.

"This was my first purchase of batteries online. Your web site information and product selection gave me the confidence. The product delivered to my place on time proved my choice right. I showed my charger/batteries combination to my friends and they don't believe the price I paid for them!" from V. P. in Arizona.

"Thanks for your outstanding customer service and quick response to product inquiries. I appreciate your putting a special product configuration for me. I will recommend you to my friends." from D. B. in Los Angeles.

"I bought V1000 charger and additional AA 2000mAH batteries from you. Products arrived on time and I had a great experience shopping at your site.  These batteries are proven to be much powerful than my previous Alkaline batteries. These rechargeable batteries charge my flash much fast and last more photos. THANKS!" from J. L. in Portland.

"I came to your site per my friend's referral. She bought some rechargeable batteries at your place before. I decided to give it a try because my friend is a very demanding, selective, exhaustively comparative shopper. My experience with you proved once again my friends is a good shopper." from B. F. from  FL.


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