Combo: 22pcs Tenergy NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (8AA/8AAA/2C/2D/2 9V)

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What's included:

    • 8 x Tenergy AA NiMH Batteries
    • 8 x Tenergy AAA NiMH Batteries
    • 2 x Tenergy C NiMH Batteries
    • 2 x Tenergy D NiMH Batteries
    • 2 x Tenergy 9V NiMH Batteries

Tenergy NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

The Tenergy NiMH rechargeable batteries are among the most popular and trusted batteries on the market today. They are used in both private and commercial applications and for personal use in the home.

A robust performance designed for household devices as well as your high drain electronic applications like cameras and wireless devices.

Works With a Wide Range of Devices

For everything from common everyday household items to high-drain electronics of today’s demanding devices.

Hi-Performance > Up to 1000 Charges

Made from higher quality materials & are designed to last for hundreds of cycles.

*Actual cycles  will vary depending on storage conditions and battery maintenance.

Make A Better Financial Choice

Stop throwing money away on disposable batteries. In 1-10 charges, Tenergy batteries will have paid for themselves.

*With Alkaline prices between: $0.25-$3.00+/ea

Eco & Family Friendly

NiMH is safe for your family & the environment. Take the green initiative and reduce waste with Tenergy rechargeable batteries.

*versus disposables Alkalines batteries.

No Memory Effect

Charge your batteries any time they are full or partially drained without having to worry about long term memory effects.

Distributed Worldwide

Trusted battery brand with over 10,000,000 cells distributed and used worldwide in a variety of home and commercial uses.

*10 Million units only represent this brand Tenergy NiMH Rechargeable batteries, and does not include other battery types and chemistries..

Battery Size


Weight (g)


Dimensions (H x D)

Part #





50.5mm x 14.5mm






44.5mm x 10.5mm






50mm x 26mm






61.5mm x 33mm






45mm x 30mm


Battery Care Tips (for longer battery life):
Don’t store batteries unused for long periods of time with less than 20% of charge. Because batteries self discharge on their own, storing empty or near empty batteries may cause them to over drain (voltage drops below 1.0V) which can have adverse affects on battery life or completely damaging them. Optimal temps for storing batteries is between 10°C - 30°C. (not advised to freeze batteries in the fridge.)
Cycle batteries at least once every 2-6 months to keep them active. ”Cycling” refers to the act of fully charging the batteries and discharging (draining the battery either in device or from your charger if it has that option) Charge batteries to 40% or more before leaving them unused or for long term storage (3-6 months+).
Store batteries in a cool dry location away from direct sunlight or high temperatures. Avoid moisture or condensation. Once a battery charger indicates batteries are fully charged, remove the batteries from the charger and unplug from the wall.
Important note: rechargeable batteries do not last forever and degrade over time. Temperature, storage conditions, and environment affects battery life or degrading rate. Take care of batteries and they will last longer for you. Eventually rechargeable batteries will still need to be replaced.


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