High Discharge (C-Rating) Cells & Packs

C-Rating is the rate of discharge of a cell or battery pack.
While a normal Li-Polymer cells can have an average C-Rating of 1-2C, these specialized High Rate Lithium Polymer Battery is made by special electrolyte which allows polymer battery drain at 5C-35C rate without over-heating and damage.

Why Would One Need High Discharge Cells/Battery Packs?
You just need higher amps for your application. While most consumer applications require only batteries with 1C, these cells are mostly ideal for high drain applications such as: RC Cars, RC Heli, Airsoft, Robotics, E-Bikes, etc. Essentially any demanding applications that require higher amounts of amps or bursts of amps.

For Full Comparison Table of Lithium Polymer Cells(High C Rating)

3.7V 5C-35C High Discharge Rate Li-Polymer Single Cells
3.7V 5C-35C High Discharge Rate Li-Polymer Single Cells
5C-35C High Discharge Rate Battery Packs (3.7V-7.4V)
Super Quality Heavy Duty and 10C, 15C, 20C, 35C Li-Polymer Packs