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Tenergy Corporation is a full service custom battery pack manufacturer with extensive Electrical and Mechanical engineering and manufacturing capabilities with Lithium ion, Lithium polymer, Nickel metal hydride, Nickel cadmium and SLA chemistry. Our expertise spans custom and smart battery solutions for a wide range of applications including: industrial OEM, Medical Instrumentation, Seismic Instrumentation, Military Applications, portable electric and electronic product design and other industrial products requiring custom engineered batteries. Our customers capitalize our proficiency to design protection circuits, balance circuits, State of Charge and State of Health solutions with SMBus interface for their custom and smart battery packs.We provide superior design, engineering and liability coverage service and we are based in the US. We also offer safe reliable solutions to meet the customer's specifications.  


We offer strong engineering engagement and free consulting to our customers. Our customers depend on Tenergy's expertise to design new products and develop custom solutions. Tenergy batteries are considered as enabling technology and help our customers revolutionize their existing design and open new application possibilities.

Tenergy partners with certification labs across the globe to offer our customers support through various certification processes for our products. We also offer free consultation on the best practices for acquiring certifications, on the battery and related products, based on our customers’ needs.
Tenergy’s clean and automated production line ensures high quality and reliability of products and fast turnaround lead time with guidance from the Tenergy’s team on our product’s development life cycle.

Tenergy provides a global logistic capability for our customers and their contract manufacturers. We also provide product liability insurance coverage and product warranty.


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