Lithium Button Cell Batteries, 3.0V

Characteristics and Advantage of  TENERGY Lithium 3V Coin Cell Batteries:
- Light Weight, High Energy Density and High Voltage. At 3.0V, Lithium Manganese Dioxide Coil Cell Battery has about twice the nominal voltage of Alkaline or Silver Oxide cell batteries.
- Stable discharge characteristic through low internal resistance and high operating voltage. Our Lithoum coin cell batteries are designed with highly conductive electrolyte, which delivers lower internal resistance and stable operating voltage.
- Wide operating temperature from -20C to +65C.
- Superior leakage resistance. Batteries are produced with leak-resistant organic electrolyte.
- Long shelf life. The effective sealstructure and sealant minimizes self-discharge to about 1% a year.
- Superior high rate discharge capability, optimal for memory and back-up display.
- Superior long-term reliability and stability, ideal standby power source.
- Ideal replacement for Energizer, SONY, Maxell, Rayovac, Everyday, Duracell, Seiko, Renata, Varta, and other brands.

Wide Applications:
- watches, clocks, hearing aid, calculators, electronics, games, cameras, audio equipment,
- data acquisition systems, electronics communication devices, indsutrial monitors / controls, switch board, transceivers and radios
- medical equipment
- remote keyless entry (key FOB), security devices
- memory back up

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