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Make your own custom packs for all kinds of applictions:

Looking to Replace Your Power Tools Batteries as a Cheaper Option?

We get NEW customers all the time with this question. Sub C size batteries are especially popular for repairing or replacing their Power Tools battery pack. The Sub C NiCD batteries we carry are rated at 2200mah, which are the same size as your older batteries, but will offer much longer runtime -- perfect fit with better performance!

Some Do-It-Yourself is required (some soldering of the tabs)
Once you build it to the same specs as your old battery, it is completely compatible with your Power Tools Charger (no additional charger required).

Getting Started:

  1. Choose with PVC or Paper Wrapped - Paper wrapped are new, and some customers prefer working with that type of surface
    *Note: the yellow PVC is our standard battery (cell), and is the best seller
  2. Choose your cells: with or without Tabs.
  3. Purchase the correct number of batteries for YOUR battery pack you are replacing. (*see Tips below on how many you may need).
  4. Save Even More Money

Tip: Each cell is 1.2V. Putting the batteries in series increases the voltage. To figure out how many batteries it takes to replace your battery pack divide the battery pack voltage by 1.2V (of your old power tool pack by 1.2). It should be an even number (ie. if your power tool pack is 14.4v, then you will need 12 batteries).

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