Li-Polymer 3.7V 800mAh (383562) Battery - UL listed

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No Item Rated Performance Remark
1 Rated capacity Nominal 800mAh±5% Standard discharge after standard charge
2 Nominal voltage 3.7V Mean operation voltage during standard discharge after standard charge
3 Voltage at end of discharge 2.75V Discharge cut-off voltage
4 Charging voltage 4.2V
5 Impedance ≤40mΩ  
6 Standard charge Constant current 0.2C5A
Constant voltage 4.2V
Cut-off current≤0.02C5A
7 Standard discharge Constant current 0.2 C5A
End voltage 2.75V


Fast charge
Constant current 0.5C5A
Constant voltage 4.2V
Cut-off current≤0.02C5A
9 Fast discharge Constant current 0.5C5A
End voltage 2.75V
10 Maximum continuous
discharge current


Operation Temperature Range
Charge: 0~45oC
Discharge: -20~60oC


Cycle life


Charging/discharging in the below condition:
Charge: standard charge
Discharge:0.2C5A to 2.75V
Rest time between charge/discharge:30min
Until the discharge capacity <80% of NC


Storage Temperature
≤1 month: -20 ~ 45oC
Best 10~25℃ for long-time storage
≤3 months: -20~ 35oC
≤1 year:0~ 25oC
14 Weight Approx: 20g  
15 Dimension (mm) Thickness *width*Length(Max) 3.9*35.5*63.5

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