AT: 24V 4200mAh Rectangular NiMH Battery for E-Bikes, Scooters and Robots - Rectangle

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Sale Price: $99.99
Minimum Order Quantity: 2
Item Number: 11802
Build Lead Time: 3-7 Business Days

Features and Benefits

  • 24 V 4200 mAh NiMH battery pack
  • Ideal for DC Power Supply for scooter, robot, E-Bikes and any 24V DC device with less than 10A discharging current requirement.
  • Made with 20 Sub C size 4200mAh TENERGY high power NiMH Batteries.
  • Extra battery pack protection with high temperature and high strength PVC wrap
  • 24V NiM battery charger is recommended.
  • 6 months warranty.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 24V
  • Maximum discharging current: (Battery pack will not be able to sustain high current. We are not responsible for any damage caused by over-use)
    - Continuous: 20Amp
    - Peak short time: 30Amp
  • Battery: 20 NIMH Sub C cells
  • Connector Type: Standard Tamiya.
  • Dimensions: Height 1.75"; Width 2.4"; Length 6.0"
  • Battery Configuration: 3 rows: 7 / 6 / 7 batteries
  • Weight: 2.6 Lb.


  • Don't subject battery to too high current drain
  • Don't drain the voltage to below 20V
  • Internal over-discharging protection can shut down and power. If you can not accept power off in your applications, please don't use this pack
  • Don't connect mutliple battery packs to increase pack voltage or capacity
  • Don't make changes to battey packs and chargers. Any alteration will VOID the warranty from us. 
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