Solar Lights Batteries

How does a Solar Garden Light Work?

A solar garden light has a built-in solar powered battery charger that operates using rechargeable batteries. Sunlight powers the charger during the day, batteries then powers the light at night.

As a benefit the same AA rechargeable batteries in your lamp can be used in other devices that also require AA batteries, such as a TV remote or a child's toy.

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How do I know which rechargeable battery to get as a replacement? See our guide at the bottom of this page.

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Find the correct battery type for your Solar Lights - start by doing 1 of 3 things:

  1. Compare and match your current/older batteries to the ones offered on site - look for these text:
    • NiCD (other abbreviations: Ni-CD, NiCad)
    • NiMH (other abbreviations: Ni-Mh)
    • LiFeP04 (other abbreviations: LiFe, Lithium-Ion Phosphate)
  2. Check the battery compartment of the solar lamp for any indication for what type is compatible.
  3. Contact the manufacturer of the lamp for confirmation.

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Common Question: What is "mAh"? My batteries show something different - does it matter?

The "mah" rating refers to the capacity of a battery which translates to runtime. Replace our AA NiCD battery with any 400, 600, or 1000mah NiCD battery and it will still be compatible.