Combo: Tenergy T4s Intelligent 4-Bay Universal Charger + 4 x Tenergy 18650 2600mAh Li-Ion Button Top Rechargeable Batteries

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Combo Includes:

  • 1 x Tenergy T4s Intelligent 4-Bay Universal Charger
  • 4 x Tenergy 18650 2600mah Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Tenergy T4s Intelligent 4-Bay Universal Charger (for Li-ion, LiFePO4, NiMH and NiCD Rechargeable Batteries)

Tenergy T4s Intelligent is a universal, automatic smart-charger that is compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries, thus eliminating the need to own several chargers.

Charge FOUR Different Battery Chemistries in One Charging Unit

  • Li-Ion Batteries
  • Ni-MH Batteries
  • Ni-CD Batteries
  • LiFeP04 Batteries*

*In order to charge LiFePO4, select "LiFePO4" from the battery type switch

Supports Multiple Rechargeable Battery Sizes


**Batteries in listing photos and illustrations are NOT included**

The T4s automatically identifies Li-ion, LiFePO4, NiMH, and NiCd rechargeable batteries and applies the appropriate charging mode (Constant Charging Current (CC), Constant Charging Voltage (CV), and Trickle Charge). Each of the T4s's four microcomputer-controlled charging slots is capable of monitoring and charging batteries independently. Additionally, the yellow lights indicate the battery status and charging process.

Charger Features:

  • Capable of charging 4 batteries simultaneously
  • Each of the four battery slots monitors and charges independently
  • Automatically identifies Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries*
    * Note: for LiFePO4 batteries select LiFePO4 battery type switch.
  • Features three charging modes (CC, CV and Trickle Charge)
  • Automatically detects battery status and selects the appropriate voltage and charge mode
  • 3 LED lights display charging progress for each battery individually
  • Automatically stops charging when complete
  • Features reverse polarity protection
  • Designed for optimal heat dissipation
  • Certified by CE

Charger Specifications:

  • Input voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz or DC 12V
  • Output voltage: DC 4.2V, 3.6V, 1.48V
  • Output current: 425mA x 4/ 850mA x2
  • Dimensions: 137mm x 97mm x 40.5mm
  • Weight: 206g (without batteries and power cord)
  • Compatible with:
    • Li-ion / LiFePO4: 26650, 22650, 18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 17335, 14500, 10400, 16340 (CR123A)
    • Ni-MH / Ni-CD: AA, AAA, C, Sub C

Download the Charger Instruction Here

Tenergy 18650 Li-Ion Battery Features and Benefits

  • Li-Ion 18650 cylindrical rechargeable batteries with Internal Voltage protection PCB!
  • Internal PCB protection (patent pending design) prevents under-voltage at 2.5V and over-voltage at 4.25V.
  • 2600mAh high capacity for longer runtime
  • Li-Ion offers higher energy density & lower weight than other rechargeable batteries
  • Manufactured under ISO9001-2000 to assure quality
  • Battery tested based on International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard to ensure capacity, quality and lifetime   


  • Flashlights
  • Lighting or other device that needs 3.7V power
  • Building portable power device needing high energy density and low weight
  • & More!

Battery Specifications:

  • Capacity: Nominal 2600 mAh - Minimum 2500 mAh
  • Dimensions: 69.5mm (H) x 19mm (D)
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Nominal Voltage: Average 3.7V
  • Discharge Voltage: 3.0V
  • Cycle Life: Over 500 cycles
  • Cycle Performance: 90% of initial capacity at 400 cycles

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