Tenergy 3.7V 650mAh RCR123A Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries (4-pack blister card) for Arlo Smart Security Camera, UL & UN Certified

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For Arlo Security Camera

The world's only innovative Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery specifically designed to work with Arlo Security Cameras seamlessly.

Works with Arlo Wire-Free HD Security Cameras (VMC3030)

Reusability Offers Great Savings

This battery can be recharged up to 500 times. The reusability offers significant monetary savings over non-rechargeable batteries. Very convenient usage and drop in replacement. Also saves our environment by preventing the waste of non-rechargeable Lithium CR123A batteries.

Smart Protection

Built-in protection circuit actively managing battery performance during charging and discharging. Helps prevent over-charge, over-discharge, short-circuit, or overcurrent, by shutting off the device to protect the battery and charger. Provide superior safety performance than batteries without protection.

Certified for Safety

Extensively tested and certified by the most stringent battery safety standard: UL 1642, UL 2054, UN 38.3, IEC 62133, UL 60950, Battery Directive (2006/66/EC), CSTCG (PI965).

Product Size

16.9mm (diameter)
34.3mm (length)

Other Technical Specifications:

  • Works with Arlo Wire-Free HD Security Cameras (VMC3030)
  • Battery Size: RCR123A (16340)
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Rechargeable
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Capacity: 650mAh
  • Dimensions: 16.9mm (diameter) x 34.3mm (length)
  • UL and UN Certified

Package Content:

  • 4 x Tenergy 3.7V 650mAh RCR123A (16340)
    Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Compatible Charger::


  • This Tenergy Li-ion rechargeable RCR23A battery is intended for use in security camera only. Do not use the batteries in any flashlights or any device that require high power or high current drain.
  • Do not mix use this Tenergy Li-ion 3.7V 650mAh rechargeable RCR23A battery with any one-time use Lithium CR123A batteries, for example Panasonic or Duracell Lithium CR123A.
  • Do not mix use this Tenergy Li-ion 3.7V 650mA rechargeable RCR23A battery with any other rechargeable RCR123A batteries
  • Mis-use of either the charger or the batteries could cause explosion or fire.



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Works Great, Decent Battery Life
Sanders (Santa Monica, CA) 6/27/2017 1:30 PM
They work as described. Fits perfectly in the Arlo cameras. It doesn't last as long as the original batteries, but it lasts long enough. I have a camera in a high traffic area, generating about 20-30 recordings a day (30 sec, highest quality), and these lasted 3 months. Not bad, having to change it 4 times a year. My other camera in a lower traffic area is still reading 70% after 3 months, so your mileage may vary depending on usage. These batteries charge quite quickly (in about an hour), and buying one more set than the number of cameras you have will make charging and switching easy (just charge the extra set when Arlo notifies you of low battery, and swap when charged).
Perfect size for Arlo
Holly (Minneapolis) 6/27/2017 1:28 PM
I bought this to replace the non-rechargeable batteries in the Arlo camera at my front door . I charged them with Nitecore D4 charger that I bought together and then put in the camera on Feb. 11, with Arlo app showing 99% battery that day. Now it's Feb. 22, battery at 86%. On average, about 5-10 clips of 15-second video were recorded every day. Perfect size to fit Arlo! Will report back when the battery is low. Update: 3/11/2017, one month after replacing battery, Arlo app shows battery at 70%. Looks like the rechargeable batteries can at least last 2 months given my usage (currently around 10 clips of 15-second video per day). Now it's 4/25/2017, more than two months later, Arlo app shows battery at 40%. Not bad at all!
Best for Arlo Camera
Scott Seamons (California) 6/27/2017 1:26 PM
I've tried several other rechargable batteries that say they work with the Arlo, but I have to recharge them every week and they fail quickly. I purchased 4 of these to see if they are any better. So far none have failed and after a month I have not had to recharge them once. Bought some more today.