Chargers for Airsoft Batteries

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Chargers for every Airsoft Battery Pack is available. Our charger selection offers reliability and longevity in properly charging your Airsoft Batteries. For your LiPO packs we recommend to stick with LiPO Balance chargers.

Choosing the Right Charger:

  1. Find the chemistry by looking at your Airsoft Battery Pack: NiMH, NiCD, LiPO, or LiFeP04
  2. Match the battery chemistry to the supported chargers below
  3. Match the proper battery pack voltage to that charger
  4. Confirm that the charging adapter is similar the adapter on your battery pack
    (Most Airsoft packs use Mini or Standard Tamiya -- most chargers below offers that connector)

Tip: If you have any LiPO battery packs, we highly recommend you purchase a BALANCE charger. This ensures that the LiPO battery pack is charged properly and ensures you extend the life of that expensive pack. NiMH battery packs do not need to be balanced.

Still not sure which to battery charger to purchase? Contact our customer service team for additional help. See Contact Info

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