Battery Chargers

You rechargeable batteries are useless without a high quality battery charger. All-Battery is the place for quick charging and efficient battery chargers for any type of rechargeable battery. Whether you are looking for a lead acid battery charger, a Li-ion battery charger, or a NiMH battery charger, we have the best prices and selection so you can bring power back to your batteries.

Each battery charger was made from the highest quality materials with state of the art technology to not only quickly recharge your batteries, but to optimize the life of them. We have chargers that specialize in standard rechargeable batteries for your household electronics, to an appropriate lead acid battery charger for your SLA battery.

To make sure that everyone can find the right battery charger they need, we provide the best Li-ion, LiPO, LiFePO4 and NiMH battery charger for your batteries. No matter what kind of battery you have to bring back to life, All-Battery has a battery charger for you!

Consumer Rechargeable Battery Chargers
For Battery Sizes: AA, AAA, C, D, & 9V
Chargers for NiMH & NiCD Battery Packs
Supporting Voltage Range: 2.4V to 48V
Balance Chargers
Balance Chargers
Chargers for LiFePO4 Battery Packs
Supporting Voltage Range: 3.2v to 48v
Chargers for Rechargeable CR123A and CRV3
Smart Chargers for RCR123A, RCRV3
Li-Ion & LiFePO4 Cylindrical Chargers
For 18650, 14500, 18350,17335, etc Cylindrical Single Cell Batteries