Li-Ion/LiPo Battery Packs 3.7V-37V

The fun of flying your RC plane or driving your RC car shouldn’t end because you don’t have a backup battery pack or because you have a bad battery. Each Tenergy RC battery offered at All-Battery is built with the highest quality single cells and optimized specifically for RC planes and cars. We are here for you if your RC device requires a Li-ion battery or a Li-polymer battery. In a wide range of voltages, we will have the best RC plane or RC car battery for you.

There is nothing worse than an RC battery dying right in the middle of a race or flight. Be prepared with a backup battery pack. Our batteries were engineered to perform at the highest level so you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the best battery for your RC device. Having an extra RC Plane or RC car battery on hand can make or break a fun afternoon.

Check out our selection of Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries and find the battery that is right for your device. If you have any questions, contact us at or live chat for instant customer service. Find the best battery pack for your RC car or plane at!

To check the Li-polymer pack discharge performance, please visit our Testing Chart Pages for engineering details and Forums for Technical Knowledge