Li-ion Battery

  • The batteries, packs, and chargers you are purchasing are for professional use.
  • You are supposed to have sufficient knowledge in handling the products.
  • You will only charge the batteries and packs in a fire proof container. You will not leave the product on wooden materials or a carpet environment that would help induce the spread of fire.
  • You will not put or use products in places adjacent to flammable materials and you will take caution, and wear protective cloths, glass, and gloves.
  • You will not leave the batteries, packs, and chargers unattended during charging and using.
  • When you want to use Li-ion batteries to make packs a Protective Circuit Board (PCB) is required.
  • Any modifications of battery, packs, and chargers will void the warranty.
  • If you make battery packs using the single Li-ion or Li-polymer cells and PCB from us, we are not responsible for the final battery pack performance and liability as the workmanship and assembly details could lead to defects.
  • is NOT responsible for any damages and consequences caused by misuse.

Li-Ion Cylindrical Rechargeable Batteries
Li-Ion Cylindrical batteries: 18650, 18500, 14500
Battery Packs (3.7V - 37V)
Li-ion Battery Packs and Moduels: 3.7V to 37V, 2000mAh to 8800mAh
Li-Ion Battery Chargers
Li-Ion Battery Chargers: 3.6V to 14.4V
Rechargeable RCR123A Batteries
Rechargeable CR123A Batteries and chargers
DC-DC Converters (regulators)- Control the output voltages, Connectors, Adapters, Misc
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