Tenergy TenDura Multi-Module 12V 1.5KWH,104Ah, Li-ion Intelligent Energy Storage Module

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TenDura Multi-Module 12V 104Ah

The TenDura is a state-of-the-art, 1500Wh, stackable battery that is a perfect portable power solution. Its small size, light weight, durability and long shelf life make it the perfect solution for applications where mass and space envelope are important.

High energy density in a smaller footprint - 1/4 the size & 1/6 the weight of a comparable Lead Acid battery. Expect reduced transportation costs vs the typical Lead Acid battery.

Industrial case design is rugged and durable, and easy to stack and bolt together for any commercial requirements. The battery can also function up to 140F to accommodate various environments and applications.

Up to 3X Extended Shelf Life and up to 5X longer field operating time than a comparable Lead Acid Battery with broader environmental operation

Designed for ease and flexibility in installation - allows for series or parallel connection. It can be stacked, placed side-by-side, and be bolted together ensuring ease of installation and secure battery attachment.

Charges up to 5 times faster than comparable Lead Acid battery.

*Compatible charge controllers or charge/ inverters are available from 3rd party vendors.

Engineered with high capacity and top quality Panasonic/Sanyo battery cells, and an integrat-ed Battery Management System to ensure safe optimal performance.

Broad Application

Vehicles (RVs)
Tiny Home Power
Solar Power
On/Off Grid Power
Solar Road Lighting
Cell Towers Backup
Solar Fracking

Comparison Sheet

  Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Lead Acid (SLA)
Capacity Usabilty Excellent usable capacity. Up to 90% DoD for normal use (80% DoD will approx double cycle life) Low usable capacity. No more than 60% Depth of Discharge (DoD) recommended (45% for increased cycle life). Lead acid system must have a larger nameplate energy capacity than a lithium-ion system for identical available capacity.
Cycle Life Excellent lifetime, with broader environmental operation. Can function up to 140F Shorter cycle life. Poor performance if temperature above 80F
Discharge Wide discharge capability, including rapid discharge if needed. Improved power capabilities. Slow discharge only
Charging System Straightforward charging systems Slow, complicated charging system
Charging Time Charges up to 5 times faster than Lead Acid Long, 8-12 hour Charge
Shelf Life Extended shelf life, 3x that of lead acid Poor shelf life. Maintenance required every 2-3 months
Maintenance Cost Low maintenance costs. Continual IoT monitoring virtually eliminates unscheduled maintenance and reduces scheduled maintenance. High maintenance costs for recharging / replacing batteries every 1 to 5 years
Portablity Compact, high energy density: 1/4 the size and 1/6 the weight of a comparable Lead acid battery. Reduced transportation costs vs Lead Acid (due to size / weight) Physically large, heavy batteries. Difcult to install, remove or replace. Expensive shipping costs.
Regular Maintenance Li-ion battery only needs to be recharged every 6 months Only deep cycle if not discharged more that 45% DoD
Environmental Cost No acid. No heavy metals. 100% Recyclable and environmentally friendly. Lower environmental cost Old chemistry using heavy metals and sulfuric acid, high environmental cost.
Disposal Cost No acid or heavy metals, low disposal cost Heavy metals and sulfuric acid make disposal difcult, potentially expensive.

Technical Specifications:

  • Max: 16.8V Nominal: 14.8V Minimum 12V
  • 104Ah (160 Cell configuration)
  • Max. discharge current: 40A
  • Peak current: 50A for 30 seconds
  • Max. charge current: 25A
  • Depth of discharge: 70%
  • Cycles: 3000
  • Bolt Size: M8
  • Connector Typle: IP68 waterproof 6-pin, M14 panel type, cable connector.


  • Communication: SMBus
  • Operating Temperature: -20C to 60C Charging 10C to 45C
  • Dimensions and Weight: 306mm x 186mm x 185mm 9Kg/20lbs
  • Certifications: UN38.3, UL 1642
  • Limited Warranty*: 5 years or 3000 cycles (whichever occurs first)
  • Energy Retention: 60% at 5 years following initial installation date

Package Content:

  • Battery only



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