We created REAL FLIGHT RATINGS, because as pilots , it impossible to know how to properly use the Li-polymer packs that you were buying. The manufacturers made references to burst discharge rates but rarely defined burst in terms of time and never stated how often you can burst. many other pilots, you were forced to learn by destroying our battery packs and having to buy more. Things changed at Tenergy, to save your time,

Every Tenergy RC pack has all the information printed right on the label.

  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Rate
  • Burst Discharge Rate
  • Burst Frequency
  • Maximum Charging rate

REAL FLIGHT RATINGS were created so you can get the most value out of your Li-polymer battery purchases.

  • We test our packs using the flight pattern described on the label
  • 30 seconds at the maximum continuous discharge rate followed by 5 seconds at the burst rate. This pattern can be repeated until the pack is discharged. We strongly recommend that you never discharge your Li-Polymer packs beyond 80% of the packs capacity. For example, don't use more than 1600maAh from a 2000mAh pack.
  • Of course, this is not everyone's flying pattern, but it gives you an idea of how you can use the battery pack without ruining it.
  • The highest charging rate is also provided although charging at a lower rate is always better for your battery
  • We invite any questions you might have. E-mail or call us

Hi-Rate Li-Polymer Discharge Graphs