Travel Power & Adaptor

Want to have more fun for yourself or your kids while on the road for your long waited vacation? Get Freedom of Power with our car power accessories specially designed to use in your car. Our battery chargers allows battery charging inside cars while you drive to next stop. DC to AC inverters convert your DC lighter power to household AC power that can drive DVD player, laptops and other portable electronics. DC Adaptors gives you very flexiable DC power source with selectable output voltage to drive your elcetronics inside car. And to ensure your car will contine to drive, our smart and self-charger car jumper will get your car moving without the need to open your hood. Have a safe and fun vacation!
Smart Auto Jumpers
Easy, safe auto jumpers, self- charger, no need to open hood.
Auto DC to AC Inverters
AC Inverter: smart and Elite Inverters with one or two outlets, 75W to 5000W
Mobile Battery Chargers
Mobile Battery charger used in car: V-1000 dual use charger, traveler charger with twin sockets
Travel DC to DC Adaptors
DC to DC adaptors, selectable output, 24W, 30W, 70W, 100W, 120W
AC to DC Power Adaptors
AC to DC Power Adaptors; 18W, 50W
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